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44-46 John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6LE

Dental Emergencies We Can Help With

At our Manchester dental clinic we offer a same day service for all dental emergencies from toothache to lost or broken crowns, chipped teeth and fillings to abscesses, trauma, lost teeth and swollen guns or face. We can take care of any injuries to ensure you heal quicker and more effectively, avoiding additional dental problems in the future.

Prior to any treatment being carried out, all procedures, costs and appointment planning will be discussed with you.

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What's Your Dental Emergency?

Toothache may be due to multiple reasons and may affect a single tooth through to multiple teeth, causing severe jaw pain.
If you symptoms are mild we would advise to still have your toothache checked in order for your symptoms and pain from worsening.

Inflammation is one of the causes of toothache and occurs when the dental pulp become inflamed. The causes can be multiple and range from tooth decay, damaged/lost fillings, problems with dental implants/ crowns or a bacterial infection.

Other reasons for toothache include

  • Injury of your jaw joint (TMJ – temporomandibular joint)
  • Inflammation within your sinuses
  • Wisdom teeth problem including impacted wisdom teeth
  • Lost or damaged dental implants / crowns

We will provide a full examination to look at the cause of your tooth pain, including where required taking X-ray/s of the affected area.

Once the cause is identified we will provide you with a clear dental plan which may include for example removal of the affected tooth, replacement of a filling, root canal treatment etc.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed.

Broken or chipped teeth are very common in dental emergencies and is something we can definitely help with.

Where possible the broken segment of the tooth should be kept cool and placed in a clean container and the tooth covered in your own saliva or milk. We will examine the broken tooth segment to see whether it can be re-attached back onto the tooth it has come from.

Where you have broken or damaged one of your molars we will examine you to see whether the tooth can be repaired using a filling or dental crown.

Depending on the severity of the dental damage the other options include:

  • Composite bonding, where the broken tooth is re-built to look as natural as possible to the original tooth.
  • Dental veneers which are placed over the surface of the damaged tooth restoring your full smile

All options and treatment plans will be discussed with you.

Swollen gums may be due to multiple issues including:

  • Infection
  • Gingivitis
  • Problems with dental appliances
  • Poorley fitting dentitues
  • Food stuck between teeth and gums

If left untreated, there is the potential for infection to set in or get worse, which can further impact oral health and cause further dentl pain or dental complications.

We will be able to offer immediate advice and provide a treatment suited for your swollen gum problem.

A root canal procedure may be necessary if a tooth is injured or decayed. This may cause severe dental pain as the dental pulp may be damaged leading to infection.

A root canal procedure preserves your original tooth and prevents the spread of infection.

Our specialist dentist (endodontist) will advise you on the best procedure to preserve your tooth ans the steps that would be taken during the root canal procedure.

The procedure can be complex depending on your needs and is carried out in very hygienic conditions to avoid any possible spread of infection.

The procedure involves cleaning the root, disinfecting and then finally, filling the root cavity with the root canal with gutta-percha (a permanent filling material)

Losing a tooth can be traumatic and can occur after an accident, injury or even eating hard food. The lost tooth may be your original tooth or could also be a damaged dental implant.

Lost Tooth
If your tooth is lost due to trauma, the dentist may be able to re-implant the tooth. It is important to handle the tooth carefully and not touch the root. The tooth should ideally be placed in a clean container with your own saliva or with cold milk. Phone us straight away and we will ensure you are seen as soon as possible.

If the dentist is unable to re-implant your tooth, we will offer alternative options which may include a dental implant or a dental bridge.

Our dentists will go through all the lost tooth implant options on the day of your visit.

A damaged or lost filling may lead to dental pain and infection. Out dental team can very quickly provide the right treatment to get your tooth or teeth filled and also provide antibiotics if an infection has set in.

We offer mercury free composite white fillings – so you no longer have to have ‘silver fillings’. White fillings provide a much nicer appearance and avoids any metallic taste that some patients have with metal amalgam fillings.

Treatment Started on Your First Visit

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

Unfortunately we only offer private emergency dental treatments and  DO NOT provide emergency dental treatment under the NHS. Please contact HNS direct for NHS related dental treatments.

Yes, as dentists we can prescribe antibiotics and medications but we will need to see you first to assess what is causing your dental pain

Yes, our clinics have wheelchair access and our toilets are also accessible.

Treatments plans depend on your specific dental emergency.  We can normally treat on the same day but will provide you with a full treatment plan after your initial assessment.

Of course! We treat patients of all ages from young children to elderly patients. Oral health is very important at all ages.

We work within practice hours which is between 9am and 6:30pm. We endeavor to see any patient who has a dental emergency within 24 hours. Please call at 9am for an emergency appointment within 24 hrs.
Should you have a dental emergency outside the normal practice hours, please email us.

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